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Welcome to
Glenlea Downs Poll Dorset Stud

Glenlea Downs established a Poll Dorset sheep stud in 2009 as a complimentary terminal sheep enterprise to the established Suffolk stud.

Both Poll Dorset and Suffolk dominate the terminal sire spectrum, as both breeds consistently out perform all other terminal sires across the board, from weaning weight, right through to carcasse weight and survivability.  We believe that by operating stud flocks of both breeds will offer our clients quality service rams whether their operation runs Poll Dorset or Suffolk rams.

Like our Suffolk flock, our Poll Dorset sheep are SIL recorded and we measure all relevant data.  Currently we have a modest flock of around 40 ewes but plan to increase numbers as we consolidate the quality and uniformity of our young stock.

Below is an introduction to Poll Dorset sheep and what they can offer your flock.


 The Poll Dorset's primary role has been that of producing superior prime lambs.
Its high growth rates, superior muscling and leanness make the Poll Dorset an ideal choice for today's market requirements.
Additionally, the meat is succulent and tender.
Poll Dorset genetics have also been included in maternal bloodlines where it provides high lambing percentages, exceptional mothering and milking ability and an aptitude to breed over an extended breeding season, producing out of season lambs and 3 lambings in 2 years.
Poll Dorset sheep are renowned for their ease of lambing, hardiness and capability to thrive particularly when conditions are hot and dry.


Polled, open white face, pink nose and lips free from pigmentation, long carcase, good hindquarters, well muscled and free of  excess fat.  Narrow in the shoulders with a good head set.  White wool, free of kemp.


  • 80 – 120 kgs
  • reach puberty at an early age
  • Pheromone effect


  • 65 – 75 kgs
  • exceptional mothering and milking ability
  • 130 – 180 percent lambing


The biggest attribute of Poll Dorset wool is it is free of black fibres.   Poll Dorsets also produce higher wool weights than any other terminal sire breed.
The wool is of medium micron, with high wool bulk.
This allows Poll Dorset wool to command a premium over other meat breed sires.


Poll Dorset breeders have been at the forefront of breeding for improved genetic performance with members belonging to the National SIL Performance Recording Scheme.
Poll Dorsets have consistently performed in the top ten percent of rams on both the Central Progeny Test (CPT) and the Advanced Central Evaluation Trial (ACE) with Poll Dorset rams coming out first.
Breeders are using Ultrasound and CT techniques to assist them in the selection of superior sheep.  DNA testing is also used to assist with selection for footrot tolerance and improved muscling.
Many breeders belong to Breeding Groups where top rams are often shared and the New Zealand Poll Dorset Breeders Assoc even has its own national across flock analysis to assist members to identify superior sires.


This is still an important part of sheep breeding.  Visual assessment ensures sheep are structurally sound and have the correct conformation and characteristics that the commercial farmer requires.
All Poll Dorset flocks are Accredited Brucellosis free and the rams are inspected by a veterinarian prior to sale.


  1. Buy your rams from a registered breeder.  This will ensure that the sheep are true to type and will produce the outcome you are looking for.
  2. Select stock that will suit your farming system and country.  Use the breeder’s records to ensure you acquire the best sheep for this requirement.
  3. Make sure the sheep are structurally sound and healthy.
  4. Talk to your ram breeder and explain to him your requirements and they can assist you with your selection.


Last season we split the mating between two stud rams, and both have performed beyond expectations, leaving lambs with plenty of meat and staggering growth rates, actually they seem to be out performing our Suffolk lambs this season!



                                                                        Ohio 165/98                           
                                    Ohio 106/99 TSO 915
                                                                        Ohio 51/95
Goldstream 86/08 TSO 780
                                                                        Meat Elite 411/93
                                    Goldstream 20/04      
                                                                        Goldstream 198/98
86/08 has breed consistently.  He carries sought after genetics from Australia on his dam’s side.  He leaves length along with depth and his lambs have a real “look at me” presence to them.

                                                                        Hillcroft 231/05
                                    Hillcroft 1175/06
                                                                        Hillcroft 127/04
Otapawa 19/08
                                                                        Pinegrove 186/02
                                    Otapawa 39/06
                                                                        Otapawa 94/05
19/08 was purchased from the Robbie family in Ekatahuna, a family synonymous with producing stock which perform and add value to your operation.  This ram is no exception.  A ram conceived via embryo transplant, he is a complete outcross.  While not the largest sheep you have ever seen, he is extremely powerful and sound.  His lambs hit the ground and grow right from the get go.  

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