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The Balancer programme offers the benefit of hybrid vigour, and the assurance of performance recording.
Balancers have a foot in both camps.  The growth, meat and milk of Gelbvieh, matched with the ease of doing and soundness of Angus.
Our aim with Balancer is to produce for the beef farmer an animal which he can select his replacement females from as well as being able to finish surplus stock to good weights.  Ideal for a single breed herd, such as Angus or Hereford, Balancer will introduce 3 way heratosis.  It is well documented that the 3 way mix will provide maximum benefit in a commercial beef herd. 

Balancers make cross breeding easy.
Balancer cattle are produced from using registered purebred Angus and Gelbvieh stock.  All stock is registered through the Balancer programme, and is performance recorded and EPDs are produced.
Balancers prevent the need to work out complicated cross breeding programmes, which invariably end up with more than 4 breeds involved, thereby negating the positive effects of Hybrid vigour.  There is no need to split up the herd to different breed sires, making farm management easier at mating time.
Balancers will breed strong colours and even cattle, making progeny more saleable and reducing the incidence of odd coloured animals which are often confused with dairy influenced cattle.
We use only the best Red Angus bulls we can source, and use AI genetics of top Black Angus as well. 

Our aim is to produce bulls with sleep easy calving ease, and top growth and muscling, while enhancing the maternal characteristics of the foundation herd.
Balancer bull

Breed History

Balancers® are a specific trademarked hybrid containing
25 to 75 percent registered Gelbvieh and 25 to 75 percent registered Angus or Red Angus, and must have no more than one eighth of the pedigree unknown.

The American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) established the Balancer hybrid registry in 1998, when the Board of Directors trademarked the term Balancer® and established guidelines for the breed that provided the basis in positioned Balancers as a leading hybrid seedstock in the beef industry.
The name Balancer® is a registered trademark of the AGA for seedstock that must have documented pedigrees (Gelbvieh & Angus) and EPD's, which only AGA members can produce and register.

Breed Characteristics

Balancers® are 25 to 75 percent Gelbvieh with the balance Angus or Red Angus. All polled, Balancers® combine Gelbvieh’s growth, muscle, leanness, fertility and unequaled pounds of calf weaned per cow exposed with the calving ease and marbling of Angus. You choose the level of Gelbvieh in your Balancer® genetics to fit your cowherd the best. Hybrid genetics are successful in combining reproduction, growth and carcass traits into simple, well-designed breeding programs for the commercial industry. The use of F1 (first cross resulting from two purebred parents) bulls much like the Balancer® program goes a long ways towards providing a simple crossbreeding solution while still maintaining the hybrid vigour needed to optomise many important traits.
For producers that already have a Gelbvieh-influence in their cowherd, Balancer® bulls make it easy to maintain that breed percentage and produce a consistent calf crop.How will the Balancer® benefit your breeding program

The best of both worlds: Gelbvieh and Angus.

Crossbreeding made simple - eliminate complicated breeding pasture systems.
The balanced composite, producing both functional females (suitable for keeping) and profitable steers.
Gelbvieh brings us meat, milk and fertility.
Angus brings us calving ease and carcass quality.
Cattle that will excel in the pasture, feedlot and on the hook.
Polled stock.
You choose the level of Gelbvieh in your Balancer® genetics to fit your cowherd the best.


Glenlea Downs Balancer bull
Glenlea Downs Balancer bull

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Balancer Heifer calf
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Balancer Bull calf
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